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Thank you for your interest in Suolo Coffee Co. Whether you’re interested in trying out a new coffee in your Sydney-based store, are from interstate and looking to try a few samples from reliable suppliers or are just looking for a chat, we’d love to hear from you!

Our wholesale clients and cafe partners are extremely important to us. We value our relationship with you immensely, and are always happy to take your comments and answer your questions about our roasters bulk buying or our team of wholesalers and suppliers.

Please fill in the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


Our Bulk Coffee Beans

With a select range of blends and single origins from around the world, all with their own unique cupping and tasting notes, we know you’ll find something to love. Our coffee is grown in tropical regions all around the world, specifically throughout Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

We directly source the very best coffee from farmers in these regions, ensuring we receive the finest crop in bulk, they receive the best possible price for their efforts and you receive the freshest, highest quality coffee beans imaginable in bulk from the Sydney wholesalers you trust.

Coffee Beans

What makes us different from other specialty coffee roasters & suppliers?

It’s simple: an underlying conviction that the best coffee in the world starts with the best soil, and a belief that a focus on this aspect of the growing process is key to growing a bean that’s a cut above all others.

The quality of the soil is paramount because the soil is the bedrock from which everything else grows, the representation of the beginning of the coffee growing process.To guarantee the quality of the soil is to give the coffee bean the very best start in life. From farm to city, we are actively involved in the entire roasting process. Through visiting individual farming communities and maintaining close relationships with our growing partners overseas, as wholesalers and roasters we strive to understand and fully appreciate the passion and labour that goes into making the perfect cup.


Equipment and Servicing

Superior-quality, reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment is among the barista’s most important tools, and high-quality beans are only part of what makes a successful cafe tick. Being suppliers of the best in equipment is one of our core focuses, believing that a regularly maintained machine is the key to providing consistently great coffee.

World Class Equipment

World Class Equipment ::

We are more than just bulk coffee bean wholesalers.

Beans of the highest quality don’t mean much without a quality grinder, and the finest milk is made even better with a new frother and jugs. Regardless of your location, your clientele or your coffee needs, we’re able to provide you world-class coffee-making equipment for a great price direct from Sydney.

Better yet, our expert suppliers can discuss with you, which equipment would best suit your needs, based on the size of your cafe, your clientele and your budget.

If the equipment in your cafe is looking a little dated, speak to us today about upgrading your machines – we may even be able to arrange a complimentary machine as part of your bean supply.

Coffee Equipment Repair Service

First Class Support

As a proud member of the Suolo family, our full support, advice guidance and training are all available to you.

When it comes time to service your equipment, we’re on hand to personally provide top-quality servicing and repairs around sydney. If there’s anything we can’t fix, we’re able to recommend a dedicated repairer to carry out your servicing needs.

Partnering with us

Business with us
Looking for a truly collaborative relationship and a bulk bean supplier that’s as invested in the future of your business as you are? As your direct wholesalers from Sydney, we’ll visit your cafe, speak with both you and your customers and answer any questions you may have.

Suolo Coffee Co. is enthusiastic about supporting budding entrepreneurs, new cafe owners and future pioneers in the cafe industry. Beyond building and maintaining strong relationships with the cafes we partner with; we may even be able to make a financial investment in your company.

Milk recommendations

An almond or soy milk can often complement particular beans, while some coffee is best simply served black – we’ll happily suggest which milk tastes best with which coffee.

Grind type

The experts in our team are able to recommend a fine grind, coarse grind or somewhere in between, based on your coffee machine, the climate and the beans you’re using at the time.

Best practices and industry tips

As wholesalers, we also know coffee inside and out. You can also rely on ongoing training and support from our Sydney team, as well as pointers on using your machine and getting the very best out of your beans.

Our Wholesale Coffee Roasters & Suppliers

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of suppliers who have all been a part of the Suolo family for some time. With all our suppliers having their own specific role, our team are fully dedicated to ensuring you – our valued cafe partner – get the most out of your beans, and out of your relationship with us.

Our dynamic collective includes business development managers, customer relationship managers and dedicated account managers, along with head roaster and baristas, all working together to further the goals and enrich the working lives of the amazing cafes we work with.

The energetic and talented people who make up our team are truly passionate about what they do, united by a shared commitment to seeing the finest specialty beans in as many cafes as possible.

Bulk Orders and Delivery

Suolo Coffee App

Ordering specialty freshly roasted beans in bulk for your cafe is now easier and quicker than ever. We have developed a smartphone app designed specifically to cater to all your wholesale needs.

This proprietary app – designed by us – allows you to:

Contact wholesalers directly

Change your bulk orders on the fly

Edit your personal and company details

Request to meet with one of our representatives

View each of our single origin coffees and blends, including tasting and cupping notes

View every item available in our store, including accessories and merchandise

Super Easy Ordering

With an easy and efficient ordering system, you’re able to concentrate on your business and enjoy more time to interact with your customers and staff – complicated logistics and cumbersome ordering systems are a thing of the past.

Better yet, when you need support, or need to process a more advanced order, you’ll have access to a dedicated Sydney-based account manager, who you’ll be able to contact personally at any time. We also deliver Australia-wide, so regardless of where you’re based, you can enjoy freshly roasted beans in your cafe.

Sydney’s Favourite Wholesalers, Roasters & Suppliers

As Sydney’s preferred wholesale suppliers of premium coffee beans in bulk, your tastebuds are in safe hands. Learn more about our single origins and blends, as well as the convenient arabica coffee pods. If you have any questions about our Sydney-based roasters and wholesalers, contact us by calling 0283280607 or email info@suolocoffeeco.com.au.

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