Single Origin
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Taste the Difference of Single Origin Coffee Beans

What does single origin mean? When it comes to coffee beans, single origin is a simplified term for coffee that has been sourced from a single producer – be that producer, crop, or region. This is different to ‘single farm’ or ‘single estate’ which means the beans are sourced from one mill, farm, or co-op. The benefits of buying single origin is that you are able to trace where the coffee beans have come from, as opposed to blends that may have multiple sources.

Typically categorised as a high quality product, Suolo Coffee Co. supplies single origin coffee beans from some of the richest coffee growing regions in the world, including Ethiopia. Discover why our single origin coffee beans are popular in offices, cafes, and restaurants across Australia.

Discover the Flavour of Ethiopian Beans

The beans we source from our Ethiopian suppliers are handpicked for quality assurance. Grown in a lush region of the Ethiopian highlands, these coffee beans thrive in soil that is high in organic matter, in fields that are 1500-2220 metres above sea level.

The Ethiopian beans are renowned for their complex flavour notes, boasting aromas of violet, redskins, bergamot, and more; for taste, expect floral, Earl Grey tea, and toffee.

Wholesale Suppliers of Single Origin Coffee Beans

Don’t settle for second rate coffee beans; discover the single origin Ethiopian flavour from Suolo Coffee Co. Whether you’re purchasing beans for your office or business, your staff and clients will delight in the exquisite flavours.

Explore our range of single origin, blends, and coffee pods, available for purchase individually or via wholesale. If you have any queries about our beans, our partnership with our farmers, or the shipping process, our friendly team are here to help. Contact us by calling 0283280607 or email