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Our Beans

What makes our beans special?

Roasting Process
Attention To Detail

In order to produce the high quantities of beans that larger companies require, they will often roast their coffee in larger batches in an effort to save time. This results in an unavoidable loss of control over the roasting process – a loss, we don’t accept.

Using a precision roaster by Giesen, we’re able to maintain greater control over the roasting process as against the 75 kg and even 100 kg roasters which are quite popular, but some control is inevitably lost in these larger capacity roasters. A smaller batch size allows for a true precision roasting process, and an unmatched attention to detail.

The dedication and attention to detail we invest into every stage of coffee growing and roasting process means we’re left with only the best beans to provide you.

Roasted Coffee Beans
True Respect For The Bean

When it comes to the quality of the roasted coffee, the time of year the crop was grown is an important contributing factor. At Suolo, the latest crop available is the one we use, ensuring the beans that arrive to your door are in the freshest possible state.

When being roasted, every bean has a different roast profile that should be adhered to. These profiles dictate, among other factors, the ideal roasting temperature and the period the beans should ideally be consumed within for maximum enjoyment. Once they’ve been roasted, coffee beans should be consumed as soon as possible. Unlike wine, they do have a set shelf life, and unfortunately do not get better with age.

Our Roasting Process

What makes our roast special?

Our Roasting Process
Each Origin Roasted Separately, Then Blended

All coffee beans have a unique set of conditions under which they should ideally be harvested, washed and roasted. Adhering to these principles allows us to enhance the flavour of the end coffee and get the very best out of our beans.

Coffee of each origin is roasted separately to its optimum roast profile. Once these coffees are roasted, the head roaster uses his knowledge and experience to create a fine blend. The blend then further goes through various experiments with respect to the proportion percentage, grind settings, water temperature and the quality of milk being used.

All this time in the laboratory is worth it, because at Suolo we deliver nothing but the best !

Roasting Process
Controlled Sizing & Roasting

Accurately graded by size, our green beans are channelled into separate chutes for roasting, ensuring that our beans are only roasted alongside beans of the same size. Why? A longer roast period would be inappropriate for a smaller bean; likewise, a short roast period would not give a larger bean the chance to roast adequately.

This level of precision carries over to the roasting process, too, where we ensure every bean is roasted to perfection using controlled amounts and smaller capacity roasters.

Our People

Our People

The energetic and talented people who make up our team are truly passionate about what they do.

Fully qualified and highly experienced, the baristas and roasters of Suolo always look to push the envelope, united by a shared commitment to seeing the finest specialty beans in as many Australian cafes as possible.

With experienced unmatched and ambitions to be nothing less than pioneers in the coffee industry, we are constantly experimenting and challenging the status quo, ensuring we get the very best out of our beans.

The Packaging

Coffee Packaging

The way in which coffee beans are packaged is among the most important elements of preparation and transportation

Following a 12-hour degassing period where the beans are allowed to rest and lose excess moisture, they are packed and sealed, ready for shipping.

In order to ensure the freshness of your coffee is maintained for as long as possible, one-way valve bags are utilised, where the de-gassing can still continue, however – most importantly –outside contaminants cannot come in.Finally, the date of packaging is clearly marked on the bag, so you know when is the best time to consume your beans.