Our Story

Where do we get our coffee from?

Coffee Beans

Our coffee is grown in tropical regions all around the world, particularly Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

We directly source the very best coffee from farmers throughout these regions, ensuring that we receive the finest crop and that the farmers receive the best possible price for their efforts.

But soil quality, temperature fluctuations and farming practices can vary within these countries, too. Therefore, we don’t just go by country of preference – instead, we carefully select the individual farm from which the coffee is procured. Constant interaction with these farmers, along with periodic visits to their farms, means a deeper understanding of the green coffee bean.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

By focussing on both the soil and the farmers who grow their product within it, we’ve made a commitment not only to honour the tradition of the coffee making process, but to fully dedicate ourselves to a superior coffee drinking experience at each stage of the coffee-making journey.

We understand that an excellent coffee can absolutely make your day, starting it off in the best possible way. Conversely, we also know that a bad one has the ability to ruin it entirely. Operating at a grass-roots level, Suolo aims to foster and maintain close relationships with coffee farmers from all around the coffee-growing world. In doing this, we’re able to know which coffees are best enjoyed as a single origin, and which are best as a dual origin or blend.

A fine cognac, champagne or Scotch whiskey wouldn’t be mixed or interfered with in any way. The same can be said for many of our single origin beans. The quality of coffee is not simply a matter of the final roast. A full commitment to quality must be present from the very start. With Suolo, it is. There are no short-cuts. There is no compromise.