Coffee Pods
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Sydney’s Favourite Arabica Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are a staple in most offices across Sydney and beyond. They are user-friendly and come with a range of other great benefits. If you’ve been searching online for coffee pods suppliers, Suolo Coffee Co. has a great range of arabica pods available to buy today.

Compacting the rich, sweet flavour of arabica beans into convenient coffee pods allows the world’s favourite coffee to be enjoyed through a streamlined, easy-to-use delivery system – just load them into your coffee machine and press the button. Your staff and clients don’t need to be professional baristas to enjoy a café-quality beverage.

The Benefits of Coffee Pods

Why do workplaces in Sydney and Australia-wide choose Suolo Coffee Co.’s arabica coffee pods? Their benefits lie in their great flavour and incomparable convenience.

  • Pre-measured coffee pods mean that there’s no measuring required – just load the pod into the machine and press the start button. Incredible arabica coffee brewed in seconds.
  • With café quality coffee available onsite, staff won’t have to leave the office during work hours to buy a coffee.
  • Using our online system, and a dedicated account manager, reordering in simple.
  • Pods are sealed in foil, meaning the coffee stays fresher, longer.
  • Contained grounds means minimal mess.
  • Pod machines are significantly easier to use than standard, café-style machines.

Coffee Pods Available to Buy in Sydney & Beyond

Interested in buying arabica coffee pods? Explore our online range of pods available for wholesale. For those who prefer to stick with the traditional process, we have options for you; discover our single origins and blends. If you have any queries about our coffee pods, how we source our arabica beans, or shipping within Sydney and across Australia, our friendly staff can help. Contact us by calling 0283280607 or email