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Experience Arabica Coffee Beans

It’s no secret that arabica coffee is the world’s most popular brew – making up more than 60% of coffee production. Derived from the Coffea arabica plant, these beans originated from the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. The beans are often handpicked whilst still in their berry casing and must be selected when they are perfectly ripe lest it result in inferior flavour.

At Suolo Coffee Co., our arabica coffee beans come from some of the richest coffee regions in the world: Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, and Indonesia. Working closely with farmers and their communities, we pay the best prices for the best crops. When you purchase arabica beans from us for your office, café, or restaurant, you’re treating your staff and customers to an internationally renowned, deliciously indulgent coffee.

What Makes Arabica So Distinct?

There are several hallmarks of arabica coffee beans that make them so universally enjoyed. From their inherent sweetness – featuring notes of chocolate, fruit, and nuts – arabica doesn’t not exhibit the typical bitterness of other beans, such as robusta. A price comparison puts arabica towards the top tier, however that can be attributed to the fragility of the plant – it will only grow in specific regions of the world, in specific temperatures. Regardless, they remain an overwhelmingly popular choice for coffee-drinking nations worldwide.

Suolo Coffee Co. is pleased to offer single origin and coffee pods that harness the flavour of arabica beans.

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